We are the Internet, and other IP based Services Provider. Those kind of services such as ; High Speed Dedicated Internet, VPN (Virtual Private Network), Hosting and Collocation. Angkasa wave is fully subsidiary company of PT. Angkasa Sarana Komunikasi (once of legalled ISP in Indonesia by Ditjen Postel) starting to operate at year 2000 and giving the services for company, organization and personal and residential in Yogyakarta, Central Java, and several city at soon.Angkasa wave supported by a highest capacity network which was connected around the world

Angkasa wave will provide a personal packet   services, which fully designed to offer entertainment, Information communication and media transactions services through various multimedia facilities at your home.call Angkasa wave office for further information




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Welcome To Angkasa wave We present 24-hour non-stop internet services utilizing the wireless network for your company, Our service designed to serve businesses and SOHO (Small Office Home Office) within the our wireless network area , where as the rates already include local loop charges from Angkasa wave NOC to Your company network ; What You Get : 1 domain (company.co.id). 1 subnet for 16 Public IP Addresses, with 13 effective hosts. 6 e-mail addresses, with 8 Mbyte Mailbox capacity each ; What You Need : LAN (Local Area Network) Router or Server

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